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Temporary Loss of Income

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeTears of joy! Thanks so much for your generous donations. I'll forever be grateful to keep a roof over me and my sons heads. God bless you all. When I'm back on my feet next month I will pay it forward to the next family in need. Thanks again!

I've Fought COVID Working as a CNA through the Pandemic, but I Need Help Keeping My Home Please!

My Story:

I'm a single mother working hard in the healthcare industry. I'm attending nursing school while raising my two sons, ages 13 and 4 years old. I'm proud to be their mother, and they're both really great kids. My oldest loves to play basketball and loves his game system too, and my youngest enjoys building and drawing things.

I worked harder than I ever have in my life through the pandemic as a CNA. I worked overtime shifts almost every day to care for my patients in the hospital. The work began to weigh on me mentally, but it really took a toll on me physically. I injured my neck/shoulder in mid-March of 2021, and my income was affected all year as a result. Only recently have I begun to recover, and I am just now feeling well enough to go back to my job. While I was out of work, workers compensation ended my benefits in 2021 citing that I did not get injured on the job, which is simply not true. Since then, I've been fighting to have those benefits returned to me as back pay, but I haven't had any luck cutting through the red tape. I worked through the whole pandemic as a nurse, but now I'm struggling to pay my rent and am going to be evicted.

I've already incurred late fees, and until I can get back to working full-time, I can't catch up on our rent. I'm worried that my children and I will be forced into a homeless shelter or into living out of our car in the Wisconsin winter, both of which would be incredibly dangerous for us. So, I'm humbly asking for assistance with our rent until I can return to working full-time next month. We would be deeply touched by this assistance, and I promise that I will continue to work hard to care for my patients every single day as long as we can keep our home.

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