Funded 01/19/2022
Temporary Loss of Income

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my testimonial i was shock that are good people in the world it wae a family and me thanks the donor for help people around and the world and the modestneeds team i could not do this without your generosity thank you for the blessing you will be bless to

I'm Out of Work Until My Car Is Fixed, but We'll Lose Our Internet Before Then without Help!

My Story:

I'm single father, and I have two beautiful kids, a son who just graduated and a daughter who is 11 years old. We also live with our amazing dog, Ace, who we love to take walks and play with. I do my best to provide for them on my own, but the pandemic has made it difficult for us. Still, we stick together and try to keep our heads up through thick and thin.

With the pandemic already limiting my hours and income, it was really alarming to learn that the truck I use to do catering work would need repairs. It's completely broken down right now, and I've had to dip into my 401k in order to have it repaired. It's not going to be fixed for some time, and without anything coming in and with our savings depleted, I'm not able to keep up with our bills and need help. We're behind on a lot right now, but my biggest concern is with my family's internet bill. We're just a few weeks away from losing our service, and that would make it very difficult for me to work and almost impossible for my daughter to do her schoolwork.

Getting this help would be a big boost to us, and it would see us through until I can return to work. Once the truck is repaired, I can continue to do my catering work and keep our bills paid. Until then, we would be very grateful for this assistance, and I promise to do my best to pay your generosity forward. Thank you all for this assistance.

As of 2022-01-19, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.