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I Spent Years Working Hard to Find a Home, but Now, I Need Help Keeping It Please!

My Story:

I'm a single mother with two wonderful children who are both grown up and in college with full-ride scholarships. I'm incredibly proud of them both, and I'm so happy that they've been able to succeed despite everything that's been thrown in their paths. I divorced my ex-husband five years ago after dealing with years of verbal and emotional abuse. Shortly after our divorce, he married my ex-best friend, and then the following month my mother passed away due to cancer. Following that tragedy, I was in a relationship with a man for two years that turned bad, and he broke into my home and physically assaulted me. I suffered broken bones and damage to my trachea, and while I was recovering, I lost my job, and my storage unit was auctioned off because they couldn't get a hold of me. At that point I had lost everything.

Slowly, I rebuilt my life and moved to a new city. I arrived with just three bags and my Chihuahua who sadly passed away fairly recently. I lived in my car and worked two jobs until I could afford a new home for myself and my faithful companion. I was able to get an apartment but at a steep cost due to my poor credit score. On top of that, I recently had to have work done to my car that has put me into a hole financially. I had to use my rent money for this month to have it repaired, and now I'm on the verge of losing the home that I fought so hard to get. So, I'm very humbly seeking urgent assistance with my rent for this month.

I have toiled for years to get back on my feet after going through a messy divorce, after losing my mother, after being violently attacked, and after being homeless. Now, only months after finally getting back on track, I'm on the verge of losing it all again. I can barely find the words to explain how devastating that would be for me. Going through all of that only to wind up where I started would be impossible for me to recover from; I just don't know what I would do. However, I also know that this is an opportunity for me to finally find long-term stability, and if I'm able to keep my home through this short-term hardship, I'll be forever grateful to everyone who helped me do that. I will never forget the kindness and generosity that I'm shown.

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