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I'm a Frontline Healthcare Worker Who's Out of Work Due to Surgery & I Need Help With a Medical Bill

My Story:

I'm a single woman, and I've been on my own since I was 17 years old. I never really had parents growing up, and they're still not a part of my life, but I've always managed to make my own way in the world in spite of that. I'm an essential worker do my best to work hard and to help my community during the pandemic. I work in the department of surgery and the department of emergency medicine at my local hospital. I love my job, but it's been a very difficult year for healthcare workers, and I am definitely feeling the effects of that as of late. Still, I'm very thankful for everything in my life, especially my energetic rescue husky. Even though I technically saved her from being put to sleep, she's definitely the one who saved me, especially this past year. I love to spend my time cooking and baking, and I regularly share that with my team at work who love me for it!

My financial hardship is largely the result of a major surgery that I had to have in late-September. The surgery took ten hours, and I won't go into details, but it was a very involved surgery which has led me to have a very long recovery period. As a result, I've been on short-term disability leave from work and have been receiving significantly reduced pay, that is when I've been receiving pay at all. Due to a mix-up, I haven't received a paycheck since early-November. I'm also in the process of moving so a lot of my savings and income are tied up in that process. However, the medical bills from my surgery have started to come due, and everything is beginning to add up, creating a really impossible situation for me financially speaking.

With these medical bills coming due and with this move happening, I'm worried that my situation is going to get out of control. If I can't afford these medical bills, my credit will be ruined and my wages will be garnished. If my income is reduced further, I don't know how I'll make ends meet month to month. Until I can get back to work and receive the back pay that I'm owed, I won't be able to pay these medical bills, and even then, I'll have trouble keeping up with them and my other monthly bills. So, I'm asking for assistance with these medical bills, and I would be very humbled and grateful for any support I receive. I want to just say 'thank you' in advance to everyone who lends me a hand with these medical bills. I will never forget this.

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