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Self-Sufficiency Grant

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This person has left the following thank you note:

Thank you for your generosity and kindness. I am very grateful for you support. The funds you have donated are a tremendous help to my son and me and couldn't come at a better time. Your gift is allowing me to continue do what I believe is right as a mother and also allows me to spend quality time with my son, instead of looking for ways to pay this bill. This gift is not taken lightly, but with a deeply grateful heart. Thank you, Crystal

I'm Fighting for the Right to See My Son, but I Need Help Affording Parenting Coordinator Fees!

My Story:

I'm a mother to wonderful 7-year-old boy; however, he splits time between me and his father. In fact, that is the source of my hardship right now. I left an abusive relationship with his father 4 years ago, and we're still in a custody battle over my son. I have worked with a professional (a parenting coordinator) to change our parenting plan to a consistent schedule since November 2019. Unfortunately, my son's father has fought the recommended changes for years and has now gotten us caught up in another custody evaluation. He continues to attempt to limit my involvement in my son's medical/mental health care and education despite my repeated attempts to work with him and the professionals in my case. This means I have to consult my attorney on a regular basis to understand how to proceed.

The legal bills and the bills for the parenting coordinator have me stretched completely thin right now, and I'm really struggling financially. On top of that, the stress related to this custody battle has caused me to develop Hemiplegic Migraines that keep me out of work some days. I work as a pediatric physical therapist in the public school system, and I sometimes do grocery delivery on the side to make ends meet, especially when I have attorney fees and parenting coordinator fees to pay for that month. Theses fees are starting to have a huge impact on my financial situation, and I'm worried that I could end up losing my utilities, my car, or even my home because of the amount of income these fees are taking up. So, I'm humbly asking for assistance with the parenting coordinator fees because if I can't keep up with those, I will lose custody of my son outright.

Having some relief thanks to this assistance would be huge for me. First, it will allow me to continue to see my son because I'll be able to uphold the custody agreement we have. Second, it will take a huge burden off of me and allow me to continue to pay my rent, my utilities, and car payments on time. Finally, it will also mean that I can continue so seek counsel with my attorney to fight for custody of my son. Overall, this generous assistance will allow me to continue to be the best mother for my son that I can possibly be, and there's nothing more that I could ever want than that. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and for considering me for this assistance.

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Application Status Update: On 2022-01-19, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $1,680.75 to NW Family Psychology LLC on behalf of this deserving individual.