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I'm Active Duty Airforce, & I Need Help Repairing My Car to Keep My Daughter Safe!

My Story:

I am a single mom to a wild and brave 3-year-old daughter. She was born 3 months early and lived in ICU her first 3 months of life. After that, she has had weekly therapy and other appointments to help her catch up developmentally. I am an E4/Active Duty Air Force veteran stationed in Arizona.

I live paycheck to paycheck as I work towards paying off medical debt from my daughter's stay in the ICU. Over the summer my tire broke off my car while I was driving, which was terrifying and caused a ton of problems. Insurance paid for some of the damages but not all of them, so I've been stuck with paying a lot of the costs of the repairs out-of-pocket. The shop told me if I don't fix these repairs, the same thing will happen to my other tire, and I'm scared to drive my daughter anywhere. I can't afford our monthly bills alongside this car repair, so I'm humbly asking for assistance with the repairs that we need for our car.

I'm worried that this issue will come back to haunt us in one form or another. If the wheel breaks off on our car again, it could lead to serious injury or worse, and I can't let anything like that happen to my daughter. However, we're stuck right now because if we pay for these repairs, then we could easily lose our home because we won't be able to make our rent. With this assistance, I'll be able to drive my daughter safely and not have to worry about losing our home in the process. We would be so grateful for this assistance, and I'll do my best to pay this assistance forward. Thank you for helping me keep my daughter safe.

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