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Temporary Loss of Income

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI can not fully express in words how much this means to me. I felt like everything was coming down on me and I had no means to continue. Every single dime I work for was never just was enough to catch up. It is so hard struggling and not knowing how you will be able to make ends meet. The help you are giving me means so much it will allow me to get things back on track after struggling for so long. I feel so happy that people really do care for others in a time of need. This helps me out so much now I can work towards the current balance instead of worrying about a past due amount that is far beyond what I could do on my own at this time. I will never forget this thank you so much for helping me and giving me a chance to move forward without the constant stress. This gives me so much hope for my future and helps me feel like things are really going to me okay. Thank you

I'm Struggling to Keep My Home After Being Injured at Work! Please Help.

My Story:

I am a 40-year-old single woman that loves to read, watch sports, and encourage others. I spent time on the road as a truck driver in the past and enjoyed seeing new places. I have different goals in life, and I am working hard to achieve them. For example, I would like to possibly own my own truck one day and go to real estate school or finish my degree. I did attend school but wasn't able to finish. Later, I went to my state's medical institute and became a patient care tech. I wasn't able to continue working once I graduated there due to obstacles in life. However, I am motivated to succeed and hopeful that with faith and determination I will achieve many things.

Before the pandemic, I was driving for Uber and Lyft and was able to pay my bills fairly comfortably. However, when the pandemic hit, everything slowed down, and I had a hard time bringing in enough to pay my bills. As a result, I got a job working for a local truck driving company. I was injured at the company, and they treated me very poorly in regard to me being able to visit the doctor and therapy. I fractured my wrist, elbow, and I messed up tendons and ligaments. For treatment, I went to different doctors, and I'm better but not 100% still and have to go back to finish therapy. I was completely out of work for a while, but once I was able to work again, I owed money and had taken the jobs that I could do without having fully recovered. I lost my car and several other things, and I'm hanging on by a thread in regard to my rent.

I'm very humbly asking for help with my rent because without it, I'll lose my home and everything I have left. I'm trying to focus on recovering and getting back to earning a living for myself, but it's difficult to do with the threat of homelessness looming over me. Still, I have faith and hope that I can make it through this short-term struggle. With that being said, I know that I'll need a helping hand to make it through this, so I would be deeply grateful to everyone who helps me with my rent. I will never forget the generosity and kindness I'm shown.

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Application Status Update: On 2022-01-06, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $2,045.00 to NCLE Properties LLC on behalf of this deserving individual.