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I'm Adjusting to a Reduced Income & Need Help Keeping My Home after Some Medical Issues!

My Story:

I'm a single woman with no children and am living on my own. I have just recently returned to school in order to get my degree so that I can find a higher earning, more stable job. I'm on track to graduate in three years, and until then I'm going to continue to work as an accountant/auditor for the state. I've been working at my job for about a year now, and so far, I really enjoy it.

In 2019, I lost my job, but I was able to find my current job two weeks later. However, my income was significantly reduced, so for the past year I've been operating on an even tighter budget. I recently had to have unexpected dental surgery, and I've also recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis that is bone to bone. The dental and medical bills have made my tight budget even tighter, so I have almost nothing leftover after my monthly bills. The most significant blow to my finances came just recently when I had to replace the transmission in my car. I can't work without my vehicle so I had to use what I could to pay to have it fixed, and as a result I fell behind on my mortgage.

I've delayed my mortgage payments, and if I can't catch up soon, my home will be foreclosed on. I have been working hard to try to catch up on what I can afford to, but I'm not going to make up the whole balance in time to avoid being foreclosed on. I'm humbly seeking assistance with my mortgage payments so that I can catch up and avoid losing my home. I would be very appreciative to everyone who helps me through this crisis, and I promise to continue to work hard and to pay it forward to another person in need as soon as possible. Thank you.

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