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We're a Militray Family Who Need Help Keeping Our Home After Getting Sick with COVID!

My Story:

I am happily married 28 years come this November, and my wife and I have two sons. My oldest served 2 years with the US Army and our youngest has almost completed with his first tour with the US Marine Corps. Our oldest is now in IT and lives close. However, our youngest is stationed in Hawaii, and we have not been able to see him for almost a year and a half now due to COVID. My wife has been a school bus operator for 16 years now and loves her job. I recently switched careers from working in environmental microbiology for 9 years to a new position with the State of Florida as a Disabled Veterans Outreach Employment Specialist. Being a disabled veteran of the US Marine Corps, the mission of my new position is very near and dear to my heart, helping veterans and their families gain a career and skills to be successful.

With both my wife and I working, we've been able to save a little here and there as well as meet all of our financial obligations on time. However, interruptions to our income can be really difficult for us to manage and can put us in some tough situations financially. I was out of work 2 weeks before I could start my new position with the State of Florida as my former company let me go instead of utilizing me for the 2-week customary notice. That hurt a little financially, but we were able to use some savings to get past that point. I started my new position in late September but was only able to work until mid-October when I contracted COVID. I actually got very sick, and it's taking me a long time to recover from the virus. In fact, I haven't been able to go back to work since then. With only my wife's income, we're really struggling to get by and need help.

I will beat this COVID, and I am improving slowly but improving, nonetheless. With our financial obligations prior to the illness, most of our creditors are working with us but our mortgage company is not. We're humbly seeking assistance with paying our mortgage for this month so that we can keep our home and so that I can focus on recovering and getting back to work. There's nothing that I want more than to recover and get back to working for veteran's and their families. With that being said, we would feel very blessed and grateful for this assistance. Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America. Semper Fi!

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