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My Children Were Wrongfully Taken from My Custody & I Need Help Affording an Appeal Please!

My Story:

I am a 40-year-old mother of two sweet kiddos. My 8-year-old daughter thinks she is 16 (Ha!) and is enjoying exploring being a young girl instead of a 'big kid.' My 5-year-old son loves LEGOS and dinosaurs and cuddles from his mama - me! We also have a cat, Kiwi, who is part of our cuddle-fest almost all of the time. I went from being a full time mother for six years to now being a research scientist in marine biology as well as a full-time mother.

I was served divorce papers unexpectedly in 2019. My children's father left us with $4, no home, and I had no job at the time either. He went abroad for nearly a year, and upon his return, our divorce case could finally move forward. It was a long fight, and I did everything I could--including incurring a very large legal debt--but we received our judgement a few weeks ago. I never thought that this could happen, but I lost custody of my children entirely. My children's father lied openly to the court, and the worst part is that the judge believed him. I have been in a state of shock and disbelief since the ruling came down, but I know that I have to shake myself out of it and fight for my right to be with my children.

I can't afford to go into more legal debt, so I decided to represent myself in my appeal to get the custody ruling overturned. One of the first parts of the process is to have our three day trial transcribed by an official court reporter. I paid her a deposit today, and the balance is due later on. I want to keep fighting for my children, and the only thing standing in my way is the cost of going through the legal system. I'm doing my best, but I know that I can't afford to get into more debt, so I'm humbly asking for assistance with paying for this court transcript.

Getting assistance with this court transcript will allow me to keep fighting for the sake of my children. They count on me as their mother, and after their father was entirely absent from their lives for so long, I worry about them. Making sure that they're okay is my biggest priority, and if on appeal the courts decide that it's best for them to be in their father's custody, then I will have to accept that; however, before I accept that, I want to have a fair shot at being a part of my children's future. Your assistance would give me the chance to do that, and for that, I would be deeply grateful. Thank you.

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