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I'm Disabled & Lost Work to COVID. Please Help Us Keep Our Utilities on Please!

My Story:

I'm disabled, and I live with my husband, my granddaughter, and my two young grandchildren. I was working prior to the pandemic, but I had to resign due to my health concerns. I was working at an educational company, and my husband is still working two different jobs, one full-time and one part-time. My health has deteriorated since the pandemic began, so we also have a home care nurse that comes in to help around the house in the evenings and at night.

Losing my job to the pandemic has been difficult for us to manage financially, and we're really struggling to keep up with all of our bills. Our priority has been to pay our mortgage, but that has meant that sometimes we've had to go without paying our other bills, mainly our utilities. Keeping our home is the most important thing because our grandchildren need a roof over their heads and with my health, it would be extremely dangerous for me if we lose our home. As a result of losing work and having to direct almost all of our income towards paying our mortgage, we've fallen dangerously behind on our utility bills and are close to having all of our services shut off.

We've received shut-off notices, and we're in a race against time to keep our utilities on. For that reason, I'm seeking assistance with our utility bills. Having a stable home through this difficult time is a huge concern for me, and we're working to get back on our feet again. In the meantime, we would be so grateful for this assistance and would never forget the compassion and kindness we're shown in our time of need.

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