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I Struggle with Disability & Need Help Making My Shower Handicap Accessible Please!

My Story:

I am a single mom of two daughters, ages 11 and 17. My 17-year-old is a cheerleader, an honor student and will be graduating high school in the Spring of 2022 then heading to college. It will then just be me and my 11-year-old. She's also an honor student and loves to dance. We also have two small dogs (Koda and Mugsy) who we love to spend time with.

Our hardship right now is the result of an on-going physical disability that I'm struggling with. I have a degenerative bone disease and have had two back surgeries very recently. I do my best to work and to provide for my daughter's, but I usually only ever have enough to cover our expenses month to month and have very little to put away into savings. Due to my disability, I'm unable to get in and out of the shower on my own, and my daughters have to help me most of the time. With my 17-year-old heading off to college soon, I know that it's going to be too much responsibility for 11-year-old to help me on her own. I'm worried that it could lead to her or me being injured. My solution to this is to have our bathroom remodeled to be handicap accessible; however, I can't afford to do that on my income and need assistance.

I'm humbly asking for assistance with getting our bathroom remodeled to be handicap accessible. This help would make sure that my daughter and I are able to stay healthy and independent, but most importantly, it will make sure that my care doesn't fall solely on the shoulders of my young daughter. We would be deeply grateful for this assistance, and I promise to never forget the kindness and compassion we're shown in our time of need.

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