Funded 11/26/2021
Self-Sufficiency Grant

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI am sincerely grateful to all of those who contributed to my request for help and wish to convey my heartfelt thanks. Your generous donations toward my dental care will not only help my day-to-day life, but will help preserve my dignity and self-confidence. I will soon be able to smile in public again without fear of embarrassment or shame. I�d also like to extend a special thanks to everyone who gave as party of the Vulgarity For Charity campaign. I�ve been a fan of the Puzzle in a Thunderstorm teams and Cognitive Dissonance crew�s podcasts for quite some time and it was through their previous charity drives that I became aware of Modest Needs in the first place. Hopefully, if things get better for me, I will one day be able to reply your benevolence in kind. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

I Need Help Replacing a Set of Dentures While Living on a Limited Income Please!

My Story:

I am a 46-year-old single man, suffering from mental health issues, and I currently live at home with my father. While I live with my father, I am expected to take care of my own expenses. I work as a debit card fraud support associate, and my hobbies include tabletop gaming and miniature painting.

I live paycheck to paycheck and most of my pay goes to various creditors as well as fuel, auto insurance and my phone bill. Sadly, I usually don't have much leftover for savings, even for emergencies. With that being said, I'm facing an emergency now and am struggling to take care of it on my limited income. I need to replace my full top denture after it started to fall apart on its own. My dental insurance policy only covers denture replacement every eight years, but my current set is only about half that. Besides being necessary to eat solid foods, my dentures help me speak clearly, a necessity for someone who talks on the phone all day.

I'm humbly seeking help with cover the cost for a new upper set of dentures. Without them, I tend to slur or lisp, which affects the quality of my daily phone conversations for my job. Besides aiding in my speech, I need them to eat and just having the ability to smile in public without embarrassment is a major boost to my self-confidence. With all of that being said, I would be so grateful to all of the generous people who take the time to consider me for this assistance. Every time I smile, I'll think of the generosity and kindness I've been shown, and for that, I want to say 'thank you.'

As of 2021-11-26, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.