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I'm Going to Be Homeless if I Can't Afford to Move In with My Son! Please Help Me Get a U-Haul.

My Story:

I'm a retired 76-year-old woman, and I live on my own. Because I'm retired, I live on a fixed income and rely on social security to pay my monthly bills. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to keep up with my rent lately, and so, I've decided to relocate to live with my son who is a disabled veteran. This way, we'll be able to better care for each other and will be able to share expenses so that we can find more stability.

However, I can't afford to make this move happen on my own, and I'm really worried about losing my home before I can make this move happen. I'll be going all the way from New York to Virginia and will be moving all of my belongings, so I need to hire a U-Haul to be able to do that. Living on a fixed income makes it difficult to afford anything outside of my monthly expenses, so while I'm still on the hook for all of my bills, I can't afford the cost of a U-Haul.

Making this move happen is extremely important for both myself and my son. We both need to be able to care for each other, and if I'm not able to move, then I'll lose my home and will have nowhere to go in New York. So, I'm humbly asking for assistance with paying for the U-Haul that I need to make this move happen. I feel very lucky to be able to have the opportunity to move in with my son and avoid homelessness, but I'm still worried because I know that if I can't make this move happen, then it will put everything into jeopardy. With that being said, I would be so grateful to everyone who helps me with this move, and I promise to pay it forward to another person in need when I get the chance. Thank you for your generosity in advance.

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