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I'm a Single Mother Who Lost Hours to COVID & I Need Help Because We're Facing Foreclosure!

My Story:

I'm a special education teacher at a residential school that specifically assists children with specials needs. I'm also a single mother of three wonderful children, and my oldest daughter is special needs herself. She's 12 years old, followed by my son who is 9 years old, and my youngest daughter who is 7 years old. We also have a big shaggy dog who brings us so much joy and three snuggly cats who always make us laugh!

My family has faced a lot of hardship in the past, but we're stronger, healthier, and happier for it. I recently got divorced after a 5-year-long battle to get out of an abusive relationship. Unfortunately, during that battle I had to hand over tens of thousands of dollars as well as my entire 401k in order to get out of that relationship. Still, it's been worth it for the sake of my family, and we're much happier and healthier now. However, that financial stress has had long-term effects on us, and it's forced us into always living paycheck to paycheck. So when the pandemic came and my hours were cut, it made it difficult for us to keep up with our monthly bills. I've struggled for the past year to keep up with our mortgage in addition to our electric and phone bills, and so, I'm asking for assistance with catching up on our electric and phone bills so I can put more income towards our mortgage before we're foreclosed on.

I pride myself on being independent and always doing my best to take care of my family, but I'm not too proud to admit that we need help right now. Keeping our power and phones on are a huge priority for me, but we're facing a complete collapse if we lose our home, and I'm really worried for the sake of my children. This is the only place they have ever called home, and I don't know how we would recover from a foreclosure. I'm working as hard as I can right now, and I'm trying to find more work and more hours, but in the meantime, we would be so grateful for this generous assistance. I will never forget the kind people who help us keep our power on, our phones on, and who help save our home. I would like to say 'thank you' in advance to all of the people who lend us a hand with our mortgage.

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