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I Lost My Job & Then Was Brought Back with Reduced Hours. Please Help Me With Rent!

My Story:

I'm a single woman living with my 8-year-old puppy named Polo. I take him for walks three times a day, and I love spending time with him. I'm also very into fashion and beauty, and I like to stay up to date on all the latest fashion trends. Also, when I don't work weekends, I love to help my friend at a small non-profit organization that she set up as well. I think it's always important to try to give back to your community no matter what.

I was working my full-time job for 13 years before I was laid-off in March of 2020 due to the pandemic. At first, I didn't know what I was going to do, but eventually I was brought back on in June of 2021. However, I was only given a part-time role and reduced hours until the restrictions end. It's better than nothing, and I'm glad to have found work again, but without full-time employment, I'm really struggling to keep up with all of my bills. My biggest concern right now is that I'm behind on my rent and am facing eviction.

I'm humbly asking for help with my rent so that I don't lose my home. I'm barely holding on right now while I wait for all of my hours to come back or to find another job, and I need urgent help keeping my home. Losing my home would mean that I would have to go to a shelter, to the streets, or sleep in my car because I don't have any support in the area from friends or family. I would be so relieved and so grateful for this help, and I will never forget the kind and generous people who help me keep my home.

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