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I'm Recovering from a Heart Attack & Homelessness & Need Help Keeping Our Storage Unit Please!

My Story:

I am a single mom of an amazing 16-year-old daughter. She is in the 10th grade and gets good grades. She is also in Color guard at her school and loves it, and she also just got her first job working part-time at Chick-fil-a and is very excited to start soon! We're originally from Georgia but relocated to Jacksonville not too many years ago. I've also had a number of health issues regarding my heart and have had two heart attacks in my life. One of them was fairly recent, in June of this year, and I'm working on rebuilding my strength now.

We've had a very difficult year to say the least. It began when I lost my job to COVID and started to fall behind on rent to the point where we couldn't recover. We actually ended up being evicted in March of this year, despite the moratorium, and we had to put all of our belongings in storage and had to start staying in any motel we could for four months. We're currently staying with my adult son while I recover from my heart attack and search for work. While I'm not working or receiving unemployment, I'm having a difficult time keeping up with our storage payments and need help catching up before all of our items are auctioned off.

That storage unit has everything we need to start a new life once we can find a home again, but it also has a countless number of personal belongings, family photos, etc. that would be unbearable to lose. The good news is that I've found a job recently, but the bad news is that I won't be able to start in time to get current on our storage unit. So, I'm humbly asking for help with that payment in the meantime. After a difficult year, it would mean so much to my family to get this help, and I would like to thank everyone who assists us for your kindness and generosity in advance.

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