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I've Struggled Due to COVID & Need Help Keeping My Car on the Road Please!

My Story:

I'm a young adult, and I currently live between my parent's home and my sister's home. At my parent's, I help take care of my younger sister who is just 11 years old. Both my parents work full-time, and I also work full-time as well. I work for a small flooring business, and my hours took a hit during the pandemic, which is part of the reason I'm having a hard time financially.

When the pandemic began, I was living with my ex-boyfriend, but we went our separate ways. I was left with more expenses than I had planned on having, and after losing hours at work as well, I wasn't able to keep my car payments up to date. I came back from celebrating my birthday on June 1st, and my car was gone. I knew that it had been repossessed, and I just had this sinking feeling. The business that I work for is small, and my boss is a very generous man and offered to get my car out of repossession for me. He gave me the money to do so, and I've been doing my best to pay him back as best as I can. However, my tires on my car need to be replaced, and after all the hardship I've been facing financially, I can't afford to have them replaced. I'm having a hard time, and it just seems like one thing after another is getting in the way of me being able to remain self-sufficient, so I'm humbly asking for help with getting my tires replaced.

My biggest priority right now is getting my tires replaced so that I can keep going to work and so that I can keep paying my boss back for his assistance with getting my car back. He's shown me a lot of generosity in helping me with this, so I want to do my best to repay that. Getting this assistance with replacing my tires would allow me to do that, and I would be so grateful for this assistance. I will never forget this kindness I'm shown, and I know that I'll finally be able to get back on track with this assistance. Thank you all in advance.

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