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I'm Living on a Fixed Income & Need Help Repairing My Floors Before I Fall & Get Hurt!

My Story:

I'm an older widow living on my own, and I'm retired and live on a fixed income. I don't have any additional income outside of my social security, so when something unexpected comes up, it can be difficult to deal with. None of my family are in a position to help me right now either, so I'm on my own financially.

Recently, I had a few water leaks in my home, and while those have since been repaired, they caused a lot of damage to my floors. Right now, living in my own home is a danger to my health and safety because I could fall and injure myself due to the damage the water leaks caused. Navigating my own floors is like navigating a minefield right now, but I can't afford to have them repaired after paying to have the water leak itself fixed. I'm worried about my own safety, and so I'm humbly asking for assistance with these repairs.

With this help, I could start living in my home without fear again. I'll be able to maintain my independence and navigate my home without the danger of falling and injuring myself. I live on my own, so falling presents more of a danger and risk because help might not be accessible easily. With that being said, I would be so grateful to everyone who generously helps me with these repairs. You'll be giving me my independence back, and I could never forget a blessing like that. Thank you all for your generosity and kindness.

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