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I'm Living on a Fixed Income & Need Help Repairing My Home Please!

My Story:

I am a retired educator, living alone--if you don't count 5 very loving but occasionally crazy cats as family. I can work and have worked as an editor-proofreader-writer, which includes my ghostwriting for at least one book and providing important critical input for several published writers. I regularly work as an unpaid volunteer with several groups focusing on social justice and criminal justice reform issues. Once a week, I host a local radio show that discusses these issues.

A previous employment stint led to my becoming disabled, and dependent very much on Social Security Disability. Later, I was able to get regular Social Security benefits, but those are still under 4-figures per month and are not enough to live off of. The SS benefits just barely cover the bulk of the monthly bills--mortgage, utilities, phone, and the like. The work I described above is very irregular, so I cannot count on it. Thankfully I do have EBT, which some months makes all the difference. I can say I live the equivalent of 'paycheck-to-paycheck'. I have joined the ranks of so many people who have experienced the unexpected shock of a bill/expense--one event that can put me, as with so many others, into a severe financial bind.

My home has needed urgent repairs, due to a damaged and collapsed drainpipe in the house's foundation. Not getting the repairs done will weaken the house's foundation slab and cause more extensive, and much more expensive repairs. Part of the work is completed. Even though my homeowner's insurance will take care of much, but not all, the costs. I am faced with deductibles that total just over $1800--money I do not have or hope to raise through other methods, except, perhaps, through a payday lender--which itself leads to more, and worse headaches. If I cannot pay the deductibles, I learned that a lien may be placed on my home.

It's for that reason that I'm humbly seeking help with paying for these repairs. With this pressure relieved I hope to have more time to actively seek paid work, at least part-time. Your help will bring me stability I have not enjoyed for a while. I can use my situation as an example showing--proving--there are caring people out there who can and will step in to help people in genuine need. Thank you in advance for your assistance and for the kindness you have shown me in my time of need.

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