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Self-Sufficiency Grant

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Thank you for your kindness and generosity. I am grateful for the kindness you have shown me. Your gift is greatly appreciated during this challenging time. It allows me to continue to keep my car safely on the road so that I can continue to work for what matters most to me. It allows me some breathing room, a chance to be present with my son instead of worrying about how to make ends meet with this bill. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. There truly are many kind people in this world and I am thankful you have chosen to share your kindness with me. Thank you, Crystal

I'm Going Through a Custody Battle & Need Help Keeping My Car on the Road Please!

My Story:

I'm a mother to wonderful 7-year-old boy; however, he splits time between me and his father. In fact, that is the source of my hardship right now. I left an abusive relationship with his father 4 years ago, and we're still in a custody battle over my son. I have worked with a professional (a parenting coordinator) to change our parenting plan to a consistent schedule since November 2019. Unfortunately, my son's father has fought the recommended changes for years and has now gotten us caught up in another custody evaluation. He continues to attempt to limit my involvement in my son's medical/mental health care and education, despite repeated attempts to work with him and the professionals in my case. This means I have to consult my attorney on a regular basis to understand how to proceed.

The legal bills have me stretched completely thin right now, and I'm really struggling financially. On top of that, the stress related to this custody battle has caused me to develop Hemiplegic Migraines that keep me out of work some days. I work as a pediatric physical therapist in the public school system, and I sometimes do grocery delivery on the side to make ends meet, especially when I have attorney fees to pay for that month. I'm having a hard time finding enough to get my car insurance taken care of, and I'm worried that I could lose my ability to drive my car safely to and from work and court appointments and that it could result in me losing custody of my son.

By allowing me to keep my car on the road safely and by freeing up some of my income to pay back these attorney bills, this assistance would be tremendous for me and my son. I'm hoping that I'll finally be able to get this custody issue resolved so that I can be with my son and be there for him. This assistance would also do a lot to decrease my stress and would have a huge impact on my health as it would reduce the intensity and regularity of my migraines. Any relief would be a God send, and it will give me the relief that I need mentally and financially to focus on giving my son the best life I possibly can. From the bottom of my heart, thank you in advance for the kindness and generosity I'm shown; I will never forget it.

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