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We Have a Pest Control Problem Threatening Our Health, but We Can't Afford it After Missing Work!

My Story:

I am married to a wonderful senior man. We met later in life, and we will have been married for five years in October. We love each other very much but struggle financially. Prior to COVID, we spent our time going to museums (as we live in the DC metro area) and movies during our free time. Now, we just work, run necessary errands, take care of my 88-year-old father and spend time at home due to COVID.

Under normal circumstances, we always have enough to take care of our monthly bills; however, we haven't been living under normal circumstances for a quite a while now, so we're really struggling. In fact, our hardship actually began in 2019 when the government shutdown happened. I'm a government employee, so I lost my job for a while when that happened, and then we had to play catch up after that. Just as we were almost caught up, my mother passed away, and then COVID hit, putting us into an even worse financial situation. My husband was unable to work for 15 months because he's a care worker at a nursing home and wasn't allowed to go back to work until recently. He's also immunocompromised due to having a kidney transplant, so his options for work were very limited. We feel relieved now that he's finally going back to work, but we're still in a hard place and have limited funds for unexpected expenses.

Recently, we had pest control inspectors come by, and they found droppings in our basement that indicate there are rodents there and that the insulation needed to be replaced as a result. Unfortunately, we can't afford the cost to have them treat our basement, and I'm extremely worried about the health consequences this might have. Rodents carry viruses and diseases, and if my husband were to get sick, it could have dire consequences to his health. In addition to keeping us healthy, having this bill taken care of would significantly reduce our financial burden as my husband returns to work, which would finally give us a fresh opportunity to get back on our feet after over two years of hardship. Thanks to this help, we would be able to go forward with the hope that we can recover from this difficult period, and we will never forget the people who help us do that.

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