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Temporary Loss of Income

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My name is Tishara Jack and I am an essential worker. I had been off of work due to Covid and other medical issues.I was about to have my utilities shut off. I was so stressed and did not know what I was goning to do. I was having other medical issues going on due to the stress of me and my daughter not going to have lights, water or garbage sevices. That is no longer a worry for me or her, thanks to the people who donated to help us! I would like to say Thank You So Very Much to everyone accross the world who have donated to help us! Words cannot express or explain how greatful we are for your generosity. I am now able to be stress free and concentrate on my health and sleep better at night. I have tears of joy. Thank you all very, very, much! May God Bless you all.

I've Battled a Rare Lung Disease that Has Kept Me Out of Work & I Need Help with Our Utilities!

My Story:

I am an essential health care worker who was out of work due to a rare lung disease. I care for my daughter who has Type-2 Diabetes. We're both high-risk for Covid-19 and had to isolate for the pandemic, so I wasn't able to work for over a year. We've used up everything we had to try to stay afloat, but we're at the end of the line in terms of being able to catch up with our past due bills and need help.

Right now, we're in a place where we have to pick and choose what bills we can even afford. I can barely even afford insulin for my daughter, and I haven't been able to keep up with our rent or utilities at all. I'm back at my job, but I only make enough to keep up with our current payments and nowhere near enough to catch up on everything else. It's an impossible decision to make when your options are to go without food and water or without shelter. So, I'm seeking assistance with our utilities that are overdue because it will keep these vital services on, but it will also free up some of our income to go towards the rent we owe back.

My biggest concern is keeping my daughter healthy and safe. I need to be able to give her easy access to the care she needs, and I also need to just keep a roof over our heads. I'm trying to keep myself healthy enough to work too, and not having to worry about having our water and power shut off would be a huge boost in that regard. I know that we can get back on our feet again after a year of hardship, but I know that we need help if we're going to make it. My daughter and I greatly appreciate everyone who takes the time to read our story, and we would like to say thank you for this generous assistance in advance.

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