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Please Help! We're Struggling to Keep Our Lights on After Losing Work to COVID!

My Story:

I'm a recently married mother with three boys at home. Our awesome boys range in age from 9 to 2 years old, and they're all so sweet and silly little guys. They love to just move and dance, and our youngest will always get up and dance to even to TV commercials. They all just bring so much joy to my heart on a daily basis, and it's just such a blessing to be their mother. My husband and I have both worked incredibly hard to give our children good lives.

Before the pandemic he was working seven days a week and was pulling 12-15 hour shifts some days! I was also working as a server six days a week too, but I was laid-off when the pandemic began. I wasn't able to get unemployment benefits at the time because I wasn't working due to being pregnant and on the verge of giving birth to our youngest son. So, we struggled during that time, and my husband did his best to keep us afloat. We were managing until his hours started to decrease, and then he was laid-off. Now we're facing a complete collapse and are in desperate need of help with our bills, specifically with our gas and electric bills.

We're behind on our rent as well, so getting help with these two bills will free up some more to go towards rent. Right now though, I'm really concerned about having our utilities shut-off because our home will be basically unlivable without gas or electricity. These past two years have been difficult, but they've brought my family closer together, and I know that we can make it through anything. We will make it through this, and we would be so incredibly grateful to the kind and generous people who help us get through this hardship.

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