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I Switched Jobs & Lost Hours Due to COVID & Need Help with a Car Payment Please!

My Story:

As of last year, I am divorced after 20 years of being married. I was a nurse but was missing out on my children growing up, so I decided to get a job driving a school bus. I enjoyed being able to take and pick up my kids from school, and they enjoyed as well. Through the 17 years that I worked there, I enjoyed meeting different people, working with many types of children including special needs children, but unfortunately when Covid-19 came, I ended up getting sick, and had to change jobs to protect myself and my family. I've found a new full-time job, and it has great benefits, but I also had to take a significant pay cut. I love my job, and I get to work one on one with special needs children, so I find the work very fulfilling.

After getting a divorce, I had to move out of our home and find a new apartment. During that time, I had to live in a hotel and the expense started to pile up. That really cut into my savings a lot, and then the pay cut also forced us to live on a tighter budget. The real blow came when my hours were reduced and when I wasn't able to get overtime pay anymore. Since then, it's been difficult for me to keep up with all of our bills, and I really need help with a car payment, so our vehicle doesn't get repossessed.

I asked to defer some payments, but my request wasn't granted, and now, I'm worried that we're going to lose our only vehicle. My regular hours and overtime have come back now that school has resumed, but I won't have enough to catch up before it's too late, so I'm humbly asking for assistance with this car payment. I know how important it is to help others when you can, so I want to promise to pay this assistance forward when I'm able to. Thank you all for your generosity and kindness in advance.

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