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I Lost My Job & Our Unemployment Was Delayed! Please Help Us Keep Our Car!

My Story:

I am single mother of a beautiful 8-year-old daughter. She is very creative and curious, and she loves to explore and learn new things every day. For example, she loves to read and is currently the #1 reader in her classroom. My daughter loves nature, flowers, animals, the Earth, etc.; in fact, her nickname in her classroom is 'Nature Girl'. She is my motor, and I work hard to provide her a healthy and stable living.

As a result of the pandemic, I became unemployed in June of 2021 and had to file for unemployment benefits. Those benefits took over a month to process, and I fell behind on our rent and car payment because we didn't have anything coming in and we had no savings to fall back on. I had to go as far as to contact our state representative to help us secure unemployment benefits, and I have finally started to receive those after an error was made in the processing system. However, the damage is already done, and I'm now almost two months behind on our rent and car payment. With the benefits arriving, I'll be able to catch up on one, but I still will need help with the other. So, I'm humbly seeking assistance with our car payment so that we can keep our car and catch up on our rent again.

If we can hold onto our vehicle and our home, it will give me the foundation that I need to continue to provide for my daughter and to be able to continue to search for long-term employment. This help will also set a solid example for my daughter, and it will teach her the power that lies in the kindness we show to others in their time of need. For those reasons, I would like to just say 'thank you' to everyone who shows us kindness by lending us a helping hand with our car payment in our time of need. Truly, we will never forget this.

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