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My Husband Has Been Out of Work Sick with COVID, Please Help Us with a Utility Bill!

My Story:

I'm a married woman, and I live with my husband who is an essential worker. He works for a transit company, and I don't work and am technically retired due to disability. The pandemic has caused us to fall on hard times, and we're having a very difficult time keeping up with our utility bills and our car insurance payments, and we need help.

My husband has been out of work for several weeks after being infected with Covid-19, and we've had to try to get by on my disability benefits. We've been able to cover essential things like our rent, but we've had to go without paying our utility bill and our car insurance just to get by in the short-term. However, we just received a disconnect notice from our electric company, and we're only a matter of weeks away from having our power shut-off.

I'm humbly reaching out for assistance with keeping our lights on because losing our power would seriously jeopardize my health and the safety of our family as well. This assistance would also give us the opportunity to get caught up for the first time since my husband had to miss work. Now that he's back to work, we'll be able to take care of our bills going forward, but we would be so appreciative of this assistance in the meantime and look forward to paying your generosity and kindness forward. Thank you all in advance for this help with our utility and car insurance bills.

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