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I Fell & Injured My Spine. We Need Help with a Medical Bill to Afford the Surgery I Need!

My Story:

My husband and I are a happily married couple. We've always done our best to work hard and support each other, and my husband is currently working as a supervisor at a manufacturing shop. I've been unable to work after being diagnosed with a mental illness. When we have free time, we love to spend time with our dogs, and I love to make arts and crafts while my husband enjoys watching football. We also love to spend time together going bird watching.

We've always been able to manage or expenses for the most part, even without me working. However, we don't have much left over after taking care of our monthly bills and after paying for my medications and doctor's appointments. Recently, I injured my spine after falling flat on a hard floor. This caused a burst fracture the T12 vertebrae in my spine and even though it's starting to heal, my doctor has recommended that I get surgery on it to repair any lasting damage. Right now, we just can't afford that surgery after paying for the initial hospital visits, CT scans, and MRIs. I desperately need help paying these medical bills so that I can get the surgery that I need to fully recover from my spinal injury.

I'm worried that these bills could go to collections, and they are already preventing us from being able to afford the surgery that my doctor recommended. My husband is working hard and is trying his best to come up with the money that we need, but we need help if I'm going to be able to get this surgery without it completely ruining our financial future. Thank you all in advance for this generous assistance with this medical bill and thank you for your compassion and support during this period of recovery for my husband and I.

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