Funded 09/20/2021
Self-Sufficiency Grant

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I Need Help Repairing My Car So That I Can Continue to Get Treatment for a Brain Tumor!

My Story:

I'm a single mother, and I raised three kids on my own. All of them are in college now, and needless to say, I'm incredibly proud of them. The past year or so has put me through some of the most difficult times I've ever faced. The pandemic has been hard to deal with, but things got really difficult when I lost my mother to cancer last year. I relied on her a lot for support, and we were very close, so losing her was a bigger loss for me than I can really even describe.

Since losing my mother, things have only gotten worse. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor recently, and I have to seek treatment for it. I've had to cut down on my hours at work, and that has put me in a difficult spot financially. On top of that, I have to travel a long distance for my medical treatments and doctor's appointments too which has put a lot of wear and tear on my vehicle. Sure enough, my car broke down, and now I can't afford to fix it on my own because I'm not working as many hours due to my tumor. Repairing my car is vital to my livelihood, but it's even more vital to my health because without my car, I won't be able to get to my medical appointments to treat my brain tumor.

My next appointment is coming up, so I'm humbly asking for this urgent help with getting my car repaired so that I can keep from missing any of my treatments. I'm really worried about the toll this tumor could take on my health if it's left untreated, and I also can't afford to miss anymore work if I'm going to keep up with my other bills. I would be so grateful for this assistance, and I promise to do my best to pay your generosity forward once I've recovered from this brain tumor.

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