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My Husband is Out of Work & Awaiting Disability Benefits. We Need Help Getting a New Fridge!

My Story:

I'm married, and my husband and I have three children together. We're two single parents who found love, and we have a wonderful, blended family. Our two oldest children are both 17 years old, and our youngest is just 5 years old. We love spending as much time together creating memories as we possibly can. My husband suffers from a very unpredictable and chronic disease, so we're just thankful to have the opportunity to spend time together when we get the chance to.

Due to my husband's illness, we're a single-income household and are struggling to get by while we wait for him to be approved for Social Security Disability benefits. He also isn't covered by health insurance, so the costs associated with treating his illness are always bearing down on us. We've done everything we can to try to take care of those medical bills and have drained our savings and maxed out our credit cards to try to at least make payments on those bills. It's left us with nothing to fall back on, so when our fridge broke recently, we didn't have the money to buy a true replacement. Right now, our family of five is using a college dorm room refrigerator that I found on Facebook marketplace to get by until we can get a new one.

With our rent, medical bills, and utility bills coming due, we don't have any way to afford a new refrigerator. We can't continue to work with the patchwork solution we have right now, and who knows when or if we'll be able to receive disability benefits for my husband. So, my family is humbly seeking assistance with purchasing a new refrigerator. We would be so grateful for this help, and we will never forget the generosity and compassion shown to our family in our time of need.

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