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I'm a Stroke Victim Who Needs Help Paying for a Driving Course so I Don't Lose My License!

My Story:

I'm a divorced mother, and I raised three wonderful children. They're all grown up and living their own lives now. I'm a stroke survivor, and I've been living on my own since I suffered my stroke in 2007. I've been able to manage on my own since then, and I've even been able to drive until recently.

I had to renew my license to get my Real ID, and when I did that, I found out that I had to take a driving course to be able to keep my license due to my stroke. Normally, I'm able to pay for all of my expenses, and I tend to live on a very strict budget. However, the cost of this driving course is way over what I can afford on a fixed income. If I pay to take this driving course, I won't be able to afford my physical therapy or even my utilities, but if I lose my license, then I also won't be able to maintain my independence either. I need to take this driving wellness course to be able to keep my license, so I'm humbly asking for help with affording it.

Losing my license would be a huge blow to me, and it would mean losing my independence. I fought for years to keep my independence after my stroke and losing it now would be too devastating to bear. So, I would be so thankful for this assistance and will never forget the people who help me keep my independence. I will do my best to pay this forward once I've completed my driving course and can get back on track.

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