Paid 10/25/2021
Imminent Loss of Housing
Temporary Loss of Income

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI would like to thank everyone who helped me. Without your help I am not sure what I would do by December for rent. I know things are hard on everyone now a days and I have never asked for help before. At this time my eyes are watering just thinking of how your support (to someone you do not even know) can take so much stress off of me. This will give me time to catch up so I will never have to ask again. I am a very proud person, and it was very hard for me to ask for help. My family is not wealthy by any means. My son was my sole supporter when I needed help as well as I was for him. With him gone I had no one to go to. On my honor when I get things up and going, and I do plan to, I will donate to this organization. Again, from the bottom of my hear, thank you so much for your support. God bless all of you and I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas!

I Lost Hours to COVID & I Need Help Keeping My Home Please!

My Story:

I work as an essential worker at our local Sheriff's Office. Specifically, I work in the Child Protection Services unit, and I really love my job and feel very passionate about helping to protect children in our community. I'm also very grateful to have been able to hold on to my job through Covid-19, even if I have struggled to keep the same hours I was working before the pandemic began.

Two years ago I tragically lost my son. He was my rock and my best friend in the entire world. I miss him more than I can put into words, and now, my world feels much lonelier without him. We would lean on each other in times of hardship, so not having him around this past year has made everything about the pandemic so much more difficult to bear, both emotionally and financially speaking. Right now, I'm living less than paycheck to paycheck because my overtime hours have been cut. I'm really struggling to get by with all of my bills, and I've fallen behind on my rent and my utilities and need help before I lose my home.

Where I'm living now is the only home I've known since I lost my old one after filing for bankruptcy 8 years ago. I've lived through some very difficult events in my life, but I've always managed to get back on my feet. I know I can do it again if I can catch up on my rent and utility bill thanks to this extremely generous help. I'm trying to get my overtime hours back, and I'm still confident that I'll be able to start working them again soon, but until then, I would be so incredibly grateful for this assistance. I promise to never forget the kind and generous people who see me through this hardship.

As of 2021-10-25, this application has been fully funded!

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Application Status Update: On 2022-01-12, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $837.41 to FPL//Linda M Wallace, Landlord//Manatee County Utilities Dept on behalf of this deserving individual.