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I Need Help Moving So That I Can Start My New Job Please!

My Story:

I'm a single man who relocated to the United States from South Korea last year. I'm trying my best to get settled in a new place, but I lost my job twice due to Covid-19 last year in May and then again in August. After I lost my job, I started working as a server at a Japanese restaurant after relocating to Austin, TX. I was able to do that for a few months, but then I was laid-off when the restaurant began experiencing financial difficulties. I had a very hard time after that, and I have struggled until recently.

Thankfully, some of the burden was lifted when I began to work as an accountant in June. The firm that I work for is located in Dallas, and I have recently become a full-time employee there. They have asked that I relocate to Dallas from Austin, but unfortunately, after the struggles of the past year, I haven't been able to afford the moving expenses. I'm already in debt and can't afford to bury myself even further, so I'm humbly asking for help with the moving expenses I need to relocate for my job.

With this help, I'll be able to keep my job while also avoiding falling further into debt. This will keep me stable in the long term, and it'll allow me to build a future for myself here in America. I know that I will be able to make it with this extremely generous assistance, and so I would like to thank everyone who helps me in advance. I will never forget this support as I continue to build a life here for myself.

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