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We've Struggled After Losing Our Child & We Need Help Keeping Our Home Please!

My Story:

I'm a father to a beautiful baby who passed away due to anencephaly. My fiance carried her to full-term and is still recovering. She had a difficult pregnancy, and the past few months have been a harrowing experience for us. Losing a child is something no one should have to go through, and it's left us with a lot of feelings of anxiety, guilt, and just general feelings of depression. We are doing our best to get back on our feet after this, and we devote most of our free time to raising my son who is from a previous marriage. My fiance has taken to him like he's her own, and she's an excellent mother. I couldn't be more thankful or more proud of my family right now.

Through Covid-19 and the loss of our child, I'm the only one who has been able to keep working. Even then, my hours were sharply reduced due to the pandemic. Before my fiance too time off due to her pregnancy, we were making things work even with my income being reduced. However, now that she needs to spend time recovering, we've been having trouble keeping up with our rent. We're two months behind and are at severe risk of becoming homeless.

After everything we've been through, we need help to get us back on our feet again. This will give me a chance to ease my fiance and my child's fears about losing our home, and we'll be able to keep our home through this horrible tragedy. Getting our rent paid up to date will keep us in good standing with our landlord, and that will be important in terms of buying us time to get back to working full-time again. We've been through hard times lately, so to know that there are people out there looking out for us would just be so meaningful to me and my family. Thank you all for your generosity and kindness in advance.

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