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We're On the Verge of Completing a Move, but We Need Help With Our Rent to Make it Happen!

My Story:

My boyfriend and I live together and have two children that we're raising together. They're both young, our oldest is just 7 years old and our youngest is just barely a year old. Our children are the most important part of lives, and everything that we do revolves around them. When we have free time, my boyfriend and I love to spend time taking them to the park or finding other places to adventure. No matter what we're doing, we really love just being together as a family.

Right now, we're finding ourselves in a difficult situation because the pandemic has cut us down to just one income for the time being. My boyfriend is working from home full-time, and we're thankful to still have something coming in, but we're also really struggling. I've been out of work since before the pandemic when I was on maternity leave after giving birth to our youngest child. That maternity leave was extended once the pandemic began, and then it became clear that my position wouldn't be returning, so I was out of a job completely. Now, we're at a critical point in our lives because we're on the verge of moving but are having trouble because I'm out of work and my unemployment benefits just recently ended. I'm worried that we aren't going to be able to afford to move now because we're also still on the hook for our rent for this month as well, and we can't afford to choose between the two. So, I'm humbly seeking assistance with our rent so that we don't fall behind when we pay for the cost of our move.

Despite our current situation financially, I'm really hopeful for the future. I know that this new place will allow my family to flourish, and I'm really looking forward to this move. With that being said, I'm still nervous and scared because if we can't afford to move, we'll be stuck and a bad situation will be made much worse because of it. We're already locked into this move, so if we can't complete it, then I'm not sure what we'll be able to do. My family would be so incredibly grateful to anyone who can help us out from this situation where we're between a rock and a hard place, and in the future, we look forward to paying your generosity forwards to someone else in need.

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