Paid 10/25/2021
Self-Sufficiency Grant
Temporary Loss of Income

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I would like to say Thank you to all who was able to donate and all who was not able but wanted too. I really appreciate the time you all took out too help me. With the donation this will help me get back on track with my mortgage that fell behind when I was out of work during surgery. I am very grateful for you all and May God bless you all. Thank You

I Missed Work Due to Surgery & Need Help With Our Mortgage Please!

My Story:

I'm a married 42-year-old woman, and I just had surgery to remove 52 fibroid tumors and have not been able to work for about two months. This all started when I had to be rushed to the hospital one day due to low iron, and I had to receive a blood transfusion as a result. They found the tumors while I was there, and since then, I've been out of work recovering. My husband has also had to take time off from work in order to care for me, so we've really been put into a difficult situation financially.

We haven't had any income coming in for almost two months now, and on top of that, we have medical bills to pay right now too. It's been difficult to focus on recovering while we're struggling to keep up with things like our mortgage and our car payments so that we don't lose our house or our only means of transportation. When we are both working, we normally earn enough to keep up with those bills but not really enough to be able to build up any kind of savings. We're humbly asking for help with our mortgage payment and car payment so that we don't lose our home or our car while I'm recovering from those tumors.

I've managed to scrape a little bit together to try to pay down our mortgage, but I need help if we're going to be in a position to catch up before we're foreclosed on. The same is true of our car as well, but if we lose our car soon, it could really jeopardize my health as I still have doctors' appointments to get to. I'm hoping that me and my husband can return to work soon, but until then, we would be very grateful to receive this generous help and would like to thank everyone who is able to lend us a hand with these two vital bills.

As of 2021-10-25, this application has been fully funded!

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Application Status Update: On 2021-11-03, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $1,096.14 to Capital One Auto Finance//Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC on behalf of this deserving individual.