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Medical Bills Have Taken Over My Life & I Need Help Please!

My Story:

I'm a single woman living with my mother whom I care for. She loves to garden more than anything in the world, and while she can't do as much anymore, she likes to watch me water the plants for her. It's the little things we try and do for each other to laugh or smile, which I think is so important during tough times, and believe me, times have been tough for us.

Due to the pandemic and being out f work as a result of it, I depleted not only all of my savings, but also my 401k over the last year. I started to feel an unbelievable amount of stress during that time, and while it was weighing on me mentally, it was also weighing on me physically. Simply put, my body just began to deteriorate. Since October of last year, I've found myself in the ER on four separate occasions. Before then, I had never been admitted to the hospital for even something as straightforward as a broken bone, and now the health issues I've been experiencing have shaken me to my core. I desperately need help paying the outstanding medical bills that I have which have begun to add up due to me being out of work.

Even with insurance, my out-of-pocket costs came to well over $5,000 for three ER visits. Some are already in collections and are affecting my credit score. If this continues it could effectively end my ability to do things like rent an apartment or transportation if I needed to. I'm worried that it could even lead to my wages being garnished when I do get back to work, or worse, I'm worried I could even be denied care in the future. This pandemic has had a huge impact on my life, and there's nothing that I want more than to put it behind me and to work towards getting healthy and getting back to work again. Your assistance with this bill will make that road so much easier, and for that, I want to say 'thank you in advance.'

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