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Temporary Loss of Income

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeThe kindness and compassion that you all have shown is so greatly appreciated in so many ways throughout my heart Thank You so much. The gift of sight is so precious and you all have given the gift for me to see a whole lot better and I have this awesome feeling. Your generosity, time, hard work, and donations mean so much to me as a Blessing, a Showing Way Of Loving Caring Support. I think of all the people that have helped and supported me as a Blessed Angel. THANK YOU SO MUCH, ONCE AGAIN.

I Was Forced Out of My Home After Facing Abuse & I Need Help Affording New Glasses Please!

My Story:

I'm a single, unmarried 58-year-old young lady. I'm disabled and am retired from the Highway Department where I worked as a Human Resource Officer before leaving with full benefits. I love to collect images and figures of angels and crosses as a hobby, and I also enjoy doing volunteer work in my community. I have an emotional support animal named Josie who goes everywhere with me, and I'm very thankful for her because she gives me a lot of relief from my physical and mental problems.

Due to being retired, I live on a fixed income and have no real way of budgeting for large, unexpected expenses. So, when I had to move from my home in Mansfield, TX to Arlington, I had a difficult time adjusting financially. Previously, I had lived in my community for 9 years and had never had a problem; however, a new landlord came in and began to both mentally and physically abuse me. The situation was so bad that I was moved under the recommendations of HUD, FHEO, and my physicians. The cost of moving was huge, and it was very difficult for me to handle mentally as well because of the stress that the pandemic has put me under. I'm very susceptible to COVID because my immune system doesn't function properly, and it terrifies me to be in close proximity to others. I survived the move, but it has drained my savings, and I'm living check to check as a result.

Now, I've started to experience complications with my diabetes and glaucoma that have affected my vision to the point where I need new eyeglasses; however, I can't afford a new pair after this move, and I need help before my health and safety are seriously impacted.

It's been a difficult year for me. I've suffered mental and physical abuse; I was forced out of my home after 9 years there; I've had to resort to going to food banks just to find enough to eat, and I'm now facing health complications. Through it all, I still have hope that there are good people in this world. I would be so thankful for your help with purchasing a new pair of glasses. Keeping my eyesight is extremely important to my physical and mental well-being, so your help with that would really mean a lot to me. Thank you all in advance for your kindness and compassion.

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Application Status Update: On 2021-09-15, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $672.00 to Vision Source Arlington on behalf of this deserving individual.