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Temporary Loss of Income

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The Heat Wave Has Doubled My Utility Bills & After Losing Work to COVID I Need Help Please!

My Story:

I am a single male, 24 years old, and my passions are my family, cooking, learning, and helping others in any way that I can. I typically spend my time reading or planning if I am not working. I work in retail, but I recently had my hour reduced due to COVID.

Before losing hours to the pandemic, I had no problem making my bills month-to-month. Now a series of events have set me even further behind on all of my bills. first, my hours were reduced, but then I ended up contracting Covid-19 and missing work for two whole weeks. Then, my utilities began to spike due to the extreme weather we've been having here recently. They've more than doubled due to the heat. Finally, my car broke down twice, and that has cost me over $2,000 in repairs. When it broke down the second time, I didn't have enough money for a taxi or an Uber home, so I walked 9 miles home in 111 degree heat. That walk changed me, and I realized that I'm still blessed and fortunate to just be alive. I've really had to take stock of all of the things I've taken for granted, and it made me thankful to have made it through this pandemic healthy and safe. While I've made it through this pandemic both physically and mentally, I'm still struggling financially as a result of it. I'm still operating on reduced hours, and while I'm hoping that won't be the case for much longer, I need help with an electric bill in the meantime.

Like I said earlier, the heat has caused my utility bills to nearly double as of late, and I don't have any way of paying that bill as well as my other necessary bills such as rent. This would also free up some more of my income to go towards rent that I owe, and on top of that, it'll make sure my A/C stays on during this heatwave. This assistance would keep me safe and comfortable in my home in the short-term, and it would have a long-term impact on my financial situation by getting me closer to getting back on track. I'm looking to go back to school to finish my degree too, and this would give me the stability that I need to do that. Finally, I just want to say thank you to everyone who gives me a hand in this situation, and I promise to use this opportunity as motivation to pay your generosity and kindness forward.

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