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I'm on the Verge of Losing BOTH my Car & My Home Due to COVID! Please Help.

My Story:

I am a single man living alone. I work as a screen printer at a small sporting goods store, as well as a delivery driver for Uber and Doordash when I'm able to find the time. I enjoy working as a screen printer and hope to one day open my own screen printing and embroidery business. Most of the work that we do is for our local schools' athletic programs, and they make up the bulk of our yearly sales.

With the lingering uncertainty around school sports during the pandemic, business at the sporting goods store I work at really slowed down back in January. On top of my hours already being cut, I had multiple debilitating kidney stones for several weeks in March and April and was unable to work at all for those weeks. I started doing deliveries for Uber and Doordash at the end of April, which has helped tremendously, but I was already so far behind on bills that getting caught up is proving to be a real struggle. I'll be making enough to afford my monthly bills once I get caught up, but I am currently 2 months behind on my rent and car note.

I am currently 2 months behind on both my rent and my car note. If I don't get caught up soon, then I'll be facing eviction, and/or car repossession. I am still working for the sporting goods store part-time, but my main source of income lately has come from doing deliveries for Uber, so losing my car means that I will also lose my main source of income.

Losing my car or my home would be catastrophic, and I don't know if I could ever recover from that. On the other side of that though, I know that I'll be able to build a future for myself if I can just get out of the hole that I'm in right now. Getting this help will save my home and my car, but it will also give me an opportunity to keep working at building my own small business in the future. I would be so relieved and grateful for this generous assistance, and I promise to do my best to pay your generosity forward.

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