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Medical Issues are Keeping Me From Working Full-time. I Need Help With a Phone Bill Please!

My Story:

I'm a single mother, and I have a daughter who is 17 years old and a son who tragically passed away in 2010. He lives on in my daughter and I every day, and we always do our best to honor his memory. My daughter loves music, comedy, and all things Michael Jackson! I work hard for my family, but I've recently been forced to work part-time due to medical issues. However, I'm about to begin school online to get my certification in Medical Coding and Billing, so I can find a job to better provide for my daughter and I.

Since my hours were reduced to part-time, we've had a difficult time finding enough to cover all of our bills. I'm currently still seeing my doctor in order to diagnose my symptoms. I'm trying to get my hours increased, but I'm currently battling dizzy spells and my limbs going numb every so often. Right now, I'm only making enough to cover our rent, and I've had to defer my payments on some of our other bills. Specifically, I need help with our phone bill please.

If we lose service on our phone, then it'll be impossible for me to keep in touch with my work, and I could lose my job entirely as a result. It'll also impact my health because I won't be able to go to my doctor easily anymore. Getting this help would do so much to relieve us from this difficult situation, and I'll be able to continue to receive treatment for my medical issues which will also allow me to return to work full-time. I'm confident that if we can get through this situation, then I'll be able to build a future for my family. I want to say thank you for this help with our phone service bill, and I promise that my daughter and I will never forget this.

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