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Medical Issues & Car Repairs Are Threatening to Put Us Under! Please Help Us Keep Our Home!

My Story:

I'm a married father of two beautiful children. My wife and I have an incredible son who is turning 3 years old in just two weeks, and we have a beautiful 18-month-old daughter who has more sass than even her mother! My wife is also pregnant with our third child, a little boy, who is due in November. My wife is a stay at home mom currently, and I work full-time as a welder and fabricator in order to provide for my family.

I'm the sole source of income in our household, and the burden for me to provide means that I usually work upwards of 45 hours a week to make sure we've got enough to get by. My wife has tried to start a small craft business from home, but she hasn't started to receive many orders as of late. We've gotten into financial trouble for two major reasons. The first reason we're struggling is because we had to drain our savings account to fix both of our cars. I need mine to get to and from work, and my wife needs hers to be able to get our children to and from school, daycare, and doctor's appointments. The second reason we're struggling is because I've been facing a series of medical issues that have kept me out of work more and more often over the past two weeks. Typically, I have about 90 hours on my biweekly paycheck, but for this paycheck, I'm only looking at about 27 hours. Combining that with the fact that we no longer have anything in savings, we're facing a crisis that could cause us to lose our home.

For the sake of my family and for the sake of my unborn son, I'm asking humbly for help with our rental payment for this month. Being forced out of our home with two children and another one on the way would be catastrophic for my family, and I'm not sure how we could ever recover from that. If we are able to get this extremely generous assistance, then, to be honest, I would be more optimistic about our future ability to make it. Not only have I gone back to working my full-time hours again, but I'm coming up on having been employed at my company for a year, and when that happens, I will receive a very significant raise. This assistance would get us to a place where I'll be able to take care of my family for the foreseeable future, and for that, I want to thank everyone who gives us a hand when we needed it most.

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