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Temporary Loss of Income

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeSo I want to say thank you for everything , you don't even know how much this will do for my family. Our goal was not ask for the world but to ask for something that will help our family breathe. We have came from only having the things we packed during the hurricane and that's its, living from hotel to hotel. we traveled all the way to Mississippi 8 hours to get away from the hurricane we have a family of 4 so we had to get an airbnb hotel so that we can fit comfortably, but due to Covid not many Airbnb's were open due to not wanting to spread the virus. The closet one we could find was 8 hours away. ONce the hurricane hit we found out our house was destroyed. I cried my daughter didn't have anything we only packed one small suitcase for the girls to save space for the safety stuff we needed to the hurricane. So it was very devastating to find out we had nothing no home to return to no clothes, no food , and a hard time trying to start over with Covid going on at the same time. We then traveled to new Orleans (a 4 hour drive) to be closer to home. Only to find out that due to covid the only homes that didn't get destroyed due to the hurricane was not accepting new applications for apartments. They said it would be at least 4 months before they start allowing applications again. So I called my friend crying we was on our last 200 dollars and no place to go. My job had already laid us off due to Covid. So I was only going to receive one more check from them. So I talked to her and she said move to texas where she was . I was hesitant at first but I tried it any way. we stayed in the airbnb from September 9th to January 18th paying 800 a week to stay there. I would do hair , work odd jobs helping my friend out, my husband traveled back and forth to lake Charles working at his job just so that we could afford a rough over our head. We called apartment after apartment no one would accept us ( our credit isn't the best) I finally was able to get me a job but every paycheck went to paying for room and board, we paid for food with food stamps. Fema had granted us some money but we had to use that for room and board.every penny went to that . Then there was good new my husband found a job also in texas. I was so happy this meant that an apartment might finally accept us. Fema had granted us rental assistance. Everything was turning around. I found an apartment that would accept us we went from paying 800 a month in lake Charles to now paying 1450 in texas it was a lot but we had rental assistance so I felt like we would be ok. On the day of the move my husband called me on his way home to help pack and told me they laid him off . I was hurt but I still had faith in God that everything was going to be ok we have rental assistance we are ok we made it this long with just a roof over our head and nothing else we will be fine. So I used all of my check to get my kids beds and us a bed to lay in and a pot to cook and literally a pot to cook. Only to find out three weeks later that they denied us to get our continued rental assistance. At this point nothing could get worse then this. For a moment I forgot that Covid was even going on until this happen. My youngest was exposed to covid, that was 14 days of quarantine for my whole family, then my husband was exposed to covid, another quarantine, then my daughter was registered for school and she got exposed to covid, then my youngest started daycare and she was exposed to covid again this was a total of 4 quarantines back to back. 56 days with no work when all we had was one income no rental assistance or anything. this put us behind on our rent and utilities. I know this was a very long story but I wanted to explain how grateful I aM I know that it does not solve all of our problems but what it does is give us a start and for us a start is all we need. We have made it this far and I know that we will make it further. I am forever grateful and I want to say thank you on behalf of my whole family we say thank you

We Lost Our Home to Two Hurricanes, & We Need Help Getting Back on Our Feet Again Please!

My Story:

I'm married with two wonderful children. We have two girls together, ages 7 and 3 years old. Our youngest is autistic, and she require special care for her developmental and educational needs. She has inspired me to pursue a career as a Behavioral Analyst, or a BCBA for short. We've struggled a lot this past year due to COVID, but on top of that, we've also been forced out of our home by two different hurricanes.

We lost everything to those two hurricanes and had to relocate to Texas. We have managed to rebuild our lives here, finding jobs and a new home, but we've been struggling again lately. We've faced a few different COVID outbreaks at our jobs, and those have kept us out of work on occasion, sometimes even for as long as a month. As a result, we've fallen behind on our rent and other bills as well. We really need help with one of our smaller bills if we're going to be able to free up income to go towards our rent. Specifically, we're asking for help with our electric bill.

We're doing our best to rebuild after having to relocate our family, but we just can't seem to get on top of our expenses. With this help, we'll be able to start paying back the rent that we owe, and we would be one step close to being stable again. We're doing everything we can to keep a roof over our children's heads, but it's been so difficult lately. This assistance would change that, and it would get us headed in the right direction again. Thank you all in advance for your kindness and support in our time of need.

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