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After Losing My job to COVID, We're Behind & Need Help Covering an Overdue Internet Bill!

My Story:

I'm a single mother raising a 15-year-old daughter on my own. My parents are both deceased, and we don't have any other family around either, so it's my daughter and I versus the world. Before the pandemic, I was making a steady income working as the store manager at a Goodwill in Houston. I made enough money to provide for my daughter and I, but since I lost my job to Covid-19, we've struggled a lot.

Goodwill made a lot of cutbacks in our area, reducing their stores from 50 down to 30, and I've yet to receive another job placement. I've managed to get on unemployment, but those benefits have been maxed out now, and I'm still searching for employment or waiting on another job placement. We're behind on almost everything now, and we can't afford to wait around any longer. I managed to receive some help with our rent, but we're still behind on our other important bills. specifically, I need help with catching up on our internet bill before we lose service.

We're weeks away from losing our internet, and if that happens, it will pretty much put a halt to my job search. It will also really hurt my daughter's ability to succeed in school because having access to the internet is such a key part of child education nowadays. I'm really worried about the long-term effects that could have on her educational success. So, for her sake, I would be so relieved and appreciative of any help we receive with our internet bill. I'm applying for new jobs and attending job fairs almost daily, and this would allow me to continue to do that. I know that I can find a job soon, and when I do, I promise to pay this act of kindness forward.

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