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Our Home is In Danger of Being Destroyed by Termites & We Need URGENT Assistance Please!

My Story:

I am a combat-wounded US veteran who is medically retired because of my wounds and am on a fixed income. I am coming out of a contentious divorce where my former spouse was able to manipulate the courts to her advantage, causing me much emotional and financial stress during that time. In addition, she was able to isolate my biological child from me for a year while she abused him emotionally and psychologically. When he ran away from home to live with me, she fled the state. Thankfully, my son has been able to recover, complete high school on the honor roll, and he will be a freshman at UNLV this fall playing football. In my spare time, I spend my time with my dogs, my son, and doing projects around the house. I volunteer as a scuba diving instructor for the disabled when I can too.

My ex-wife, while living in the marital home, allowed the termite warranty to lapse by not scheduling the annual service. Now that my son and I have returned to the home, we have an infestation. I have had to put off having the home fumigated because of a lack of funding. However, I cannot continue to put off this treatment because it will cause irreparable damage to our home if we wait any longer. The savings that I would normally use for things like this have been depleted by attorneys' fees as the divorce process has been long and drawn out.

I'm asking for assistance with paying to have our home fumigated. I will be able to stay with friends, and my dogs will be with friends as well so that there is no additional cost incurred for boarding or staying in a hotel. My son is at college because he is playing football. We urgently need to have our home fumigated or it could lead to disaster and the loss of our home entirely. I can't even fathom how catastrophic it would be to lose our home. With that being said, we would be so relieved and grateful to get this help. Thank you all so much for your support and compassion and for taking the time to read our story.

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