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We're Trying to Relocate but Have Faced so Much Hardship Over the Last Year & Need Help Please!

My Story:

I'm a married mother of two boys, and they're both truly amazing children. My oldest is 7 years old, and he's so good at always seeing the best in people no matter what. My youngest son is 4 years old, and he's the quintessential younger brother and is always trying to out do his older brother. They're both really close and love each other very much. My husband is a wonderful man, and he served in the US Marines and was a combat medic when they were deployed. We were both working until recently when I had some medical issues that forced me out of my job and my husband was laid-off at the height of the pandemic.

When my husband was laid-off, I was going through a miscarriage. It was a dark and difficult thing to deal with, and I still struggle to even talk about it. I was the only one in my family without healthcare so the costs surrounding the pregnancy and miscarriage were incredibly difficult for us to deal with. We've only just barely managed to keep up with our rent, and we're behind on our utilities currently. We're looking to downsize because our lease is up, but our utilities need to be caught up before we can move on. We're also behind on our car payment and need help if we're going to be able to make this move work for our family.

It's been so hard the past few months, and there's nothing worse than the pain of losing a child. I can't begin to put into words how disheartening it is and how hard this struggle has been. Despite that hardship, I still have faith in the world and the wonderful people in it who help one another. To be affirmed in that faith and to see people come together to help give my family a better future would be an unbelievable blessing to us. Your generosity and kindness would give my family a new future in a new home, and for that, we will always be grateful. Thank you.

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