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COVID Has Turned My Work Schedule Into Chaos, & We Need Help With a Utility Bill Please!

My Story:

I'm a recently divorced single mother, and I have four kids at home, two boys and two girls. The divorce has been hard on them, but we're doing our best to manage. Two of my children require special attention because one of my daughters has Tourette's and one of my sons has ADHD. I'm really proud to be my children's mother because they are all truly amazing, and they're always very kind and respectful to me and to everyone they meet honestly. My girls love painting and dancing, and my boys are obsessed with football and baseball, and they play sports almost year-round.

I work full-time, and we are used to living off of my income alone; however, the pandemic made everything more difficult because my job and my children's schools have been on and off in terms of having in-person days and remote days. It's difficult to balance my work schedule with my children's school schedule, so I've lost a lot of income as a result. In addition to that, I had to get my brakes on my car fixed, and we're now in a really bad position financially.

We have to have our vehicle to be able to get anywhere but getting it fixed means that I've gotten behind on some of my other bills. My biggest concern is our utility bill right now because we're behind and are facing a shut-off if we can't find a way to pay it soon. If we can get this help and get caught up on our utility bill, it will keep us going until I can get back to a normal work schedule. We'll be able to keep our service, and it will free up more income to go towards our rent too. This would be huge for us, and we would be so thankful for this generous assistance. On behalf of my family, I want to say 'thank you' in advance for this kind and generous help.

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