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I Sleep with a CPAP Machine & am Worried About My Health if Our Power is Shut-off! Please Help.

My Story:

I'm a veteran and a father, and I live with my daughter, my girlfriend, and my girlfriend's two daughters. We've all been together for so long now, and we're used to being a big and happy family. My daughter is 16 years old, and my girlfriend's daughters are 17 years old and 12 years old, so all of are children are relatively close in age. We all love to spend time together when we can, but between my girlfriend's work schedule and our daughter's sports schedules, we stay pretty busy.

My girlfriend works with adults with disabilities at her job, and she is the hardest working person I know. I currently am unemployed, but I receive regular VA benefits that help supplement our income. However, we rely on both my benefits and my girlfriend's income in order to get by with three kids at home. So, when my girlfriend was furloughed from her job for two months, things got really difficult for us, and we fell behind on almost all of our bills. Since then, we've managed to slowly but surely catch up a little bit on pretty much everything, but we still have one really important outstanding bill that could severely impact our situation. We're still behind on our electric bill and are getting further and further behind each month. I'm worried that we could be facing a shut-off to our electricity almost any week now, so I'm asking for help with this bill please.

It's vital that we be able to keep our power on because I sleep with a CPAP machine and will be in danger if I can't use it. So, taking care of this bill is crucial to maintaining my health, but it's also a huge opportunity for us to finally get caught up on everything that we owe as a result of my girlfriend being out of work. It would get us through to the other side of this pandemic, and for that, we couldn't be more grateful. These have been difficult and uncertain times for my family, so we would never forget the people who get us back to a more stable and certain place. Thank you for taking the time to consider us.

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