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I'm Doing My Best for My Family, but I Need Help Keeping up with Our Bills After a Hard Month!

My Story:

I'm a married mother of two wonderful children. Our son is 6 years old and has a rare metabolic disorder called Glut 1 Deficiency which causes developmental delays and seizures. He's in an amazing special needs program with the most brilliant staff and teachers a parent could ask for. He's a loving and silly kid, and he's always eager to be a little helper. Our daughter is the best younger sister you could ever ask for, and she's incredibly smart for her age. Truthfully, sometimes I forget she's only 4 years old because she does such an amazing job of looking out for her brother. My husband is on disability because he has severe, debilitating panic attacks, so I'm the only one currently working.

I haven't missed a day of work since Covid-19 began, and believe me, I'm one tired momma. Between working, making sure the kids are taken care of at home, and trying to balance all of our bills, I'm truly exhausted. Yet it seems like no matter how hard I try, we still can't keep up with all of our expenses. We live paycheck to paycheck, and this month it just seems like everything we own keeps breaking down. Our car broke down and had to be repaired, and then, our children's shoes and backpacks have needed to be replaced. Basically, all of those unexpected expenses have just piled up to a point where we can't handle all of our bills anymore. This month we've fallen behind on our electric and water bills, and I'm worried that we're facing a potential shut-off.

Losing our electric and water services would make our lives almost impossible, but in addition to that, If we lose service to our utilities, it could almost immediately put my son's life in danger because we wouldn't be able to use the equipment he needs. This assistance has the potential to be lifesaving for my family, both literally and metaphorically speaking. We would be able to use this assistance to get completely caught up on everything, and it would see us through a difficult month. I know in my heart that things will turn around for us, and when they do, I want to pay this help forward. Thank you all in advance for helping us with these bills and for the kindness and compassion you have shown us even by just considering our story.

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