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COVID Has Taken a Toll on My Business & I Need Help Keeping My Home as a Result!

My Story:

I'm a single man, and I live on my own in Washington DC in a small studio apartment. I work as a contractor, often working government contracts. As a small business, it's been hard to navigate all of the changes that have had to be made in regard to the work that I do. Everything has moved to remote work, and before that, I had to close the business for a while. It's been a struggle to get through the pandemic, but now that we're close to the other side, I just want to make it out and survive.

As a result of my business being closed for several months, as well as having to reorient everything to be online, I've fallen behind on a few of my bills and need help. I'm behind on my rent currently, and I'm worried that I could lose my home when the eviction ban is lifted, and if that happens, I'll have to permanently close my business. I'm humbly asking for help with my rent so that I can survive this pandemic.

Short-term, this help would keep me from losing my home. Long term, this would give me a sense of hope and self-reliance that would give me the confidence I need to make it through to the other side. I've felt the toll of this pandemic emotionally as well. Last year, I lost 3 family members. First, my paternal uncle to Covid-19 in June. Then, my favorite cousin, who was like my big sister, in July, and finally, my maternal aunt in November. They did not make it through this nightmare, so I want to do my best to honor their memory by not only making it through this pandemic, but by thriving in its wake. Your generosity and kindness would allow me to do that, and I would be eternally grateful for your assistance.

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